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Our client provides outsourcing call centre services and needed a video to highlight the facility and it’s capability to attend to high volume service enquiries in the infrastructure industry. This corporate video is a tour of this facility with animated labels designed to highlight the key features.

  • Client:


  • Location:

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Date:

    October, 2018

  • Project:

    Call Centre Tour

  • Producer/Director:

    Jesse Spezza

  • Camera Operator:

    Tim Harris

  • Animation/Editing:

    Andrew Brinsmead

How We Did It

With a pre-meeting session with the client it was established that a ‘tour walk-thru’ style video was needed to showcase the various areas of the service centre. A steady cam rig was used to move about the facility in a gliding motion, following staff as they moved through the facility.

The video was filmed in a day with much work going in post-production to produce the animated labels at specific points in the video highlighting the key features of the call centre.

The client required the video within 48 hours for a tender pitch. Therefore our editor worked into the night to produce this final edit.

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