A special Christmas
tradition on film

Is Your Dog Smiling?

We were smiling all the way through this production surrounding but very cute fluffy creatures. Smiley Dog is a fantastic product with genuine intentions to provide quality and organic grooming products for our pets. This lifestyle promotional video showed the products benefits through 3 perspectives: the customer, the groomer and the dog!

  • Client:

    Smiley Dog

  • Location:

    Collingwood and East Melbourne

  • Date:

    April, 2018

  • Project:

    Smiley Dog Promotional Video

  • Producer/Director:

    Jesse Spezza

  • Camera Operator/ Editor:

    Callum Harrison

A wagging tail video

A stroll in the park, a wash in the bath and lots of affection. What a life it is for a Smiley Dog dog! Check out this pooch…

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